Cultivate Counseling LLC

Our Team

Jharie D. Parker, Owner

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor - Supervisor

Being truly heard is a basic human need.  I believe we all have the power within us to make positive changes; we just need a safe place to be vulnerable enough to discover that power.  Cultivate Counseling Services LLC can be that safe place for you.


If you are ready to experience an improved quality of life, more successful relationships, or if you just need support dealing with life’s challenges, I’d love to journey with you.  I work with couples and adults and have worked with people of varying cultures, sexual orientations, ages, and beliefs.  I have experience treating mood and trauma related disorders.  My therapeutic style is eclectic, as I prioritize using techniques best suited for an individual’s particular situation.

I’m excited to meet you, hear your story, and help you navigate through the twists and turns of life.  I believe I can help you discover your own strength and cultivate the life you want to live!

Richelle Walker

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Challenging life circumstances and unforeseen events are things that we all find ourselves having to figure out how to navigate throughout the years.  However, there are certain circumstances and events in our lives in which our ability to cope is overwhelmed, and in those times we may find that some help and direction is necessary to find the path forward.  I’ve been there before.  My goal as a Counselor is to help partner with you in helping you discover your inner strengths and abilities that can help bring about meaningful change, and help you in creating a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.


I have been in the field of mental health for over six years.  I have experience in treating a variety of mental and emotional issues including depression, anxiety, stress-related issues, anger, and relationship problems.  I especially have a passion for empowering women by helping them work towards improving their skills on things like setting boundaries, self-care, and assertive communication.


I believe that empathy and respect for clients are two of the most important elements of creating the type of teamwork-based therapeutic relationship that brings about long-term solutions and lasting benefits for a client’s overall health and wellbeing.  I also know that choosing a counselor can be an intimidating and overwhelming process, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any other questions that you may have.  I’d love to partner with you on your personal goals for mental health and wellness, and look forward to hearing from you!

Serita Eiland

Licensed Professional Counselor
Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling

Trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Training for Mental Health and Addiction, Individual, and Group Counseling.  I utilize an integrative holistic approach in the therapeutic healing process to inspire balance based on the Eight Dimension of Wellness model.  My clinical experience as a Dual Diagnosis Counselor includes mental health and AOD treatment for adolescents, women’s and men’s IOP, partial hospitalization, and residential treatment programs. 

Incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused brief therapy, motivational enhancement, and interviewing trauma informed and focused interventions.  As a certified reiki practitioner and energetic bodywork practitioner of 15 years, believing in the mind-body-spirit connection empowers clients to live an optimal lifestyle. 

I enjoy assisting adolescents and adults challenged with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, spiritual concerns, self-esteem, phase of life, career planning, interpersonal effectiveness, behavior/emotional management, and afr0-centric awareness.